Here are some suggestions about how to get started with your yoga practice.

1. We have many classes. Begin by selecting either a teacher, style, level or duration of class you’re interested in.

2. Refine your selection using the additional filters.

3. Once you’ve got the video you’re interested in, simply click to start the video and your practice.

General Recommendations for optimal viewing experience

We are delighted to present streaming yoga classes as well as other free videos. It is important that you enjoy these offerings with as few problems as possible. There are certain factors that may affect your experience, such as your internet connection and computer’s age. Here are some recommendations to ensure that you have the optimal experience:

1. Broadband connection

If your video starts to pause, the culprit maybe your internet connection. We strongly recommend a broadband connection to view our videos. However, if you have a slower connection or are in a public setting (such as a hotel) where you maybe sharing a connection, we recommend allowing the player to download, or buffer, at least half the video before attempting to play.

2. Computer age and components

Older computers typically have older components less adept at handling video content. If you think your computer may be hindering your experience, try updating the drivers for the software of your computer and updating your web browser’s version to the latest available. Typically, newer web browser versions are equipped with the latest players to handle video content.

For resolution of more specific issues please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

To help get you started we created some introductory series you might find helpful: Show three beginner videos in a row – varying lengths. Show three yoga I classes – varying lengths.