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An Interview with Rachel LaBarre

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Rachel LaBarreHello gentle readers! Meghan here, with another lively interview! Barbara Walters who?!

This week, I sat down with Yoga teacher extraordinaire Rachel LaBarre, who leads our weekly Yoga Philosophy class, Thursdays at 7 p.m in Normal Heights. I was curious about what goes on in this weekly discussion. I lured Rachel into chatting with me by presenting her with a stack of vegan pancakes, and promises of deep and meaningful conversation.

Meghan: Hi Rachel! What the Om Shanti is a Yoga Philosophy class anyway?
Rachel: It is an opportunity for us to take time to talk about the teachings of yoga. We examine how we can incorporate and identify these teachings in our daily lives.

What can one expect in class?
Good times, laughter, an open forum for questions and discussion, and a space for curiosity to be sparked and satisfied.

In what ways can we apply Yoga Philosophy to our Yoga practice? To our lives?
That is for each individual to discover for oneself!

What is your favorite aspect of teaching POTH’s Yoga Philosophy class?
I come to class with a certain idea of what we might discuss, but am always blown away by what others bring to the discussions. It is so exciting to meet in a group to explore these teachings together.

Can you recommend some philosophical texts for those interested in learning more about these teachings?
The Bhagavad Gita, Raja Yoga by Swami Vivekananda, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and all work by poet Mary Oliver.

Lastly Rachel, what would you like the Easter Bunny to bring you this Sunday?
Chocolate, please.

Yoga Philosophy discussions take place Thursdays in the East Room lounge, from 7:00-7:45 p.m.

A very warm Thank You to Rachel LaBarre for her time and enthusiasm, and a very special Thank You to Jyoti Bihanga restaurant for providing the vegan pancakes!

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