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Pilgrimage Audio & Visual Production

“Wow. VERY NICE job, guys! You have really produced an excellent video with great care, sensitivity and – oneness! Gratitude and gratitude.”

Prachar - Oneness Dream

“I love it. Thanks much!”

Andrew Kutt (Atmatyagi)

Pilgrimage of the Heart offers a full range of audio-video services to meet your needs. We have an experienced production team using todays most advanced audio-video software platforms (Logic/Final Cut Pro X). We can produce your CDs, video your projects or create custom productions from your ideas. Need a Green Screen? No problem! We have you covered.

Depending on the size of your production, we have several spaces at Pilgrimage of the Heart that we can record in. We can also bring our mobile studio to you. Our compact production tools make it easy and economical for you to express your vision!

Give us a call or send us an email and let’s talk about your project. We want to make your Audio/Visual dreams come true!

All videos and audio recordings on the Pilgrimage of the Heart website were produced in-house by our production team.

Contact us today! phone: 619.727.4930 or email: [email protected]


Music Video Production


Behind the scenes editing!


Getting ready to shoot a yoga class for


Behind the scenes audio editing!