3 Post-Yoga Smoothie Recipes

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You are what you eat is accurate. A balanced, calm mind is easier to achieve when you give your body the right nourishment.

Smoothies are an easy way to get more of the foods that can nurture your yoga practice. Besides being loaded with nutrients, smoothies are super easy to prepare and taste delicious!

The Perfect Yoga Smoothie

When we’re choosing the optimal nutrition from a yogic perspective, there’s more to consider than just the nutritional value of food.

Ayurveda and yogic literature categorize food into three qualities: rajas, tamas, and sattva. Rajas is the quality of motion. Rajasic food is stimulating, but it can also leave you restless if you overeat it. Examples are coffee, tea, and chocolate.

Tamas is inertia. Tamasic foods include processed foods, red meat, and alcohol. Any food eaten in excess can turn tamasic. These foods pull you down and lead to a lack of purpose and even depression.

Sattva, or the Sattvic diet is what many strive for. It can help to strengthen the body, purify your mind, and provide calmness. Sattvic food includes fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, and herbal teas.

Everyone is different. Try to develop an inner awareness to figure out which foods suit you best. If you find that your well-being is negatively affected by certain foods, try to eliminate the foods for a few days and see if you can notice a difference. Keeping a food diary can help you become in tune with your body and eating habits.

3 Post-Yoga Smoothie Recipes

Alkaline Smoothie Recipe

This alkaline smoothie is a great way to end your yoga session. It’s rich in sattvic foods and has no added sugar. It’s best to use organic produce and to drink your smoothie immediately after blending.


•1 cup unsweetened almond milk

•1 small handful of baby spinach

•1 cup pineapple chunks

•1 tbsp chia seeds


1.Wash the baby spinach

2. Remove the rind from the pineapple and cut it into chunks

3. Add all ingredients to your blender jar

4.Blend for 45-60 seconds until smooth

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Blueberry Yogi Smoothie

You really won’t need to spend a fortune on smoothies from the corner juice bar. All you need for a delicious, creamy smoothie is a good blender and some fruits and veggies. I like to use frozen blueberries in my smoothies, but if you’re following a sattvic diet, it’s best to use fresh, seasonal fruits. 


•½ cup unsweetened almond milk

•1 cup blueberries

•1 cup mango chunks

•1 cup plain Greek yogurt


1.Wash the blueberries thoroughly

2. Remove the skin from the mango and cut it into chunks

3. Add all ingredients to your blender

4.Blend until smooth

Beet Smoothie Recipe

This detoxifying smoothie is naturally sweet and nutrient-rich. Beets are low in calories and packed with essential vitamins and minerals. The nitrates in beets may help to improve your athletic performance for more intense yoga sessions. If you’ve never had beet smoothies before, check this guide on how to prepare beets for smoothies out.


•1 small beet

•1 cup blueberries

•½ cup pineapple chunks

•¼ cup Greek yogurt


1. If you don’t have a blender comparable to a Vitamix, it’s best to roast or lightly steam the beet before blending

2.Wash the blueberries

3. Place everything into your blender jar

4.Blend for 60 seconds until well combined

About the Author: Philipp is a juicing enthusiast and has been making smoothies for over seven years. He is the founder of VibrantHappyHealthy.com, where he shares delicious juice and smoothie recipes.

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