7 Dos and Don’ts Of Juicing

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by Or Maman

Juicing can be an efficient and powerful way to get a dose of nutrients – particularly when you struggle with a demanding timeline or schedule that prevents proper meal planning. When you start the day with a glass of fresh juice and a delicious breakfast, you make sure that you instantly get access to all the wonderful vitamins and minerals your body needs!

What’s more, certain fruits and vegetables can help to boost your performance for the rest of the day, helping to enhance your focus, improve your energy levels, and leave you feeling amazing for longer.

Whether you choose to juice at home or stop by your local juice bar, how do you make sure that you’re getting the most from it? Follow these simple dos and don’ts.

1.    Do Follow Recipes


A glass of fresh juice is one of the best things you can consume each day. Not only are they good for you, but these wonderful drinks are tasty too – you just need to make sure that you add the right amounts of fruits and vegetables to create the right taste. Remember that the ingredients you choose need to mix well, and although there’s nothing wrong with making up your own recipes, you might find that it’s a lot easier to follow existing juicing recipes for weight loss and nutrition when you’re just getting started.

2.    Don’t Use the Same Produce Every Time

When you start to learn more about juicing, you’ll discover that certain items, such as beetroots, kale, and bitter gourd are some of the best vegetables for offering a huge dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and all feature a low-calorie intake. While drinking plenty of these ingredients can be great for your health, remember that variety is still important, and you don’t want to get stuck in a rut of consuming the same produce every day. Try out different recipes and additions to shake things up.

3.    Do Go Organic


The most important aspect of juicing is finding a way to get healthy substances into your body. Organic vegetables are grown with a focus on preserving as much of the natural nutrition that fresh produce can offer as possible, and they lack the chemicals and preservatives that are often used with non-organic ingredients. If you really want to get the most out of your juicing experience, then you should choose organic every time, and leave the pesticides outside!

4.    Don’t Just Let It Sit

One of the biggest benefits of juicing is that it’s a quick and easy process. You can drink on the go, which means that you don’t have to leave your freshly made concoctions sitting on the kitchen counter or in the fridge. Research shows that the longer juice is left to sit, the more it oxidizes, causing nutrients to degrade and reducing the number of benefits you’ll get from your glass. At the very most, you can leave your juice over night, but you’ll need to make sure that you use an airtight container, and add a squeeze of lemon for a natural preservative.

5.    Do Drink Juice on an Empty Stomach

If you’re using juice to help you lose weight, then you should always drink it on an empty stomach. Not only will the juice help to kick-start your metabolism so that you can begin burning calories instantly, but it will also be easier for your body to absorb all the vitamins and nutrients in your blood stream. Try to wait at least thirty minutes after juicing before eating a meal.

6.    Don’t Use Juice Instead of Whole Produce


Just because juicing is a great way to get fresh produce into your system doesn’t mean that you should swap your daily veggies for juices. Consuming organic juices is a wonderful way to add some extra health to your day, but it’s not a replacement for a good hearty meal, unless you’re using a specific cleanse.

7.    Consume Juice Carefully

Finally, as quick and convenient as juicing can be, it’s worth remembering that you don’t necessarily have to gulp your entire drink down as soon as you make it. Take your time on a morning to sip your juice and enjoy the flavors. After all, juices aren’t just for health – they can taste amazing too. Plus, taking your time will help to reduce the impact on your digestive system, giving your body more time to absorb the vitamins and minerals available.

These guidelines ensure mindful and intelligent choices so that we can absorb all of the many benefits of juicing. What’s your favorite juice?



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