Our First Blog!

Hello Everyone!

We’re starting to play with blogs on our site. We’ll have guest blogs from our teachers, as well as Sujantra’s faithful welcome blog each month. We hope everyone is having a beautiful month, and enjoying this winter weather!

Sujantra McKeever
Know Thyself

Starting this Spring, we will begin our annual Teacher Training Program. The entire program lasts eight months and is divided into three phases. You can take any or all of the phases.

The program is designed to be a way for you to explore, in depth, the ancient art of yoga. You will not only experience the joys of yoga practice, but you will also learn to share that joy with family, friends, and the public.

Yoga means union. The union of mind, body, breath, and community.

By exploring yoga, you learn about yourself and others. We are all unique, yet we are all quite similar. The depths to which you know yourself are the depths to which you know others. To know the universe, know thyself.

Join us for the experience of a lifetime!

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