A New Year, A Fresh Start

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Quickly the holidays arrived and quickly they flew by. We’ve entered into a new year and with this fresh start we’re offered an opportunity to consider our current lives and set intentions for the future.

Each year I set the same intention: to breath deeply. It’s something I don’t do enough and something that is tremendously beneficial to my health. Every time I turn on my cell phone, I see my opening message, “Breath deeply”, and I do just that. When I wake up in the morning and brush my teeth, I read “Breath deeply” on a note posted on my bathroom mirror and I do just that. As I see it, I take an absolute minimum of four deep breaths each day thanks to my intention and feel much better for it.

I am particularly fond of this intention because there is no option to fail. I succeed constantly by reading these little reminders and taking big belly breaths. My intention makes me feel good and is 100% positive. If you don’t have an intention this year maybe you’d like to take a few extra deep breaths each day or a few extra smiles. You’re success is guaranteed. –Michelle Laxton

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