Achieving Inner Strength and Outer Strength

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Some yogis study ancient texts. Some chant mantras. Some meditate. Like many, I enjoy a variety of yogic practices, but my passion lies in asana, the physical practice of postures. I’ve learned that through asana, I am able to develop not only a strong body, but also a strong mind.

A beaming example of inner and outer strength achieved through asana is the world-renowned yoga instructor, Ana Forrest. Ana has battled many challenges throughout her life including a physical handicap at birth, physical abuse, drug addiction, epilepsy, and bulimia. Today she is a strong woman and a beautiful yogini.

If you’re feeling weak in your body or your mind and looking for an inspirational boost, check out Ana’s yoga demonstration at the Yoga Journal conference a couple years back. –Michelle Laxton

Ana Forrest – Yoga Demonstration

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