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When I first started to commit more fully to my yoga practice, I was enamored by challenging Vinyasa-style classes. I couldn’t imagine staying in a single posture for 5 plus minutes while exerting absolutely no physical energy.

At this point in my yoga life, I consider gentle and restorative yoga classes to be extra sweet treats I give myself as often as possible. I think Meredith May, a staff writer at the San Francisco Chronicle described restorative yoga beautifully when she said:

“The point is not to stretch but to relax, turn inward and stop thinking. Practitioners use props such as blocks, bolsters, pillows and blankets to build forts they can lean or lie on. Falling asleep is allowed.”

The American lifestyle rarely includes time for relaxation, which is something that offers incredible mental, physical, and emotional benefits. I understand that for many finding time to exercise is challenging enough, let alone time to relax and decompress. If that’s your situation right now, perhaps you might consider committing to just one mellow class per month. While it might not seem like a lot, this class might become something that you look forward to and something that helps reduce your headaches or ease your back pain.

For more information on restorative yoga, check out the article from the San Francisco Chronicle mentioned above by clicking on the link below. –Michelle Laxton


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