An Intention for Every Day

Whether I’m practicing yoga at home or in a class, each time I sit on my mat and close my eyes, I take a few moments to observe how I’m feeling physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. We often move through our days at lightening speed and seldom take time to self-reflect. A few moments of mindfulness can inform your yoga practice, showing you how to work towards greater balance in your life.

Some days I’ll notice that I need more patience. Some days, more joy. Other days, I’ll need to heal a certain part of the body. Before my first aum, I join my palms together in anjali mudra and set my intention to create whatever it is I need that day. My intention resonates in every breath and every posture, and after my last aum, I know I’ve given myself the gift of greater wellness. Next time you find yourself on your yoga mat, consider setting an intention that most serves your mind-body-heart at that given moment. –Michelle Laxton

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