An Introduction to the Chakras

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By Lena Schmidt

According to yoga philosophy, chakras are wheels of energy that are part of the subtle energy body (one of the five koshas, or layers of being). There are seven main chakras that spin and swirl along the central channel of the body (the sushumna nadi) and an aura, or general energy field, surrounding you (your “vibe” ). If an area of your life is out of balance, it can manifest as an imbalance in that chakra and lead to pain, discomfort, or a feeling of uneasiness. And vice versa! The chakras can be an interesting way to consider what feels harmonious in your life, what feels misaligned and work towards balance. Today, try tuning into the deeper wisdom of your body and heart and make note of which one(s) need special attention. 

Root/Muladhara. Feet, ankles, legs, knees, tailbone. Affirmation: I AM. All of my basic needs are provided for, I am at home on this earth and in my skin. I am safe.

Sacral/Svadistana: Low back, hips, pelvis, sexual organs, low belly. Affirmation: I FEEL. My desires are natural, I trust my senses, and I flow with ease through the rhythms of life.

Solar Plexus/Manipura: Abdomen, middle back, waist, side body, naval. Affirmation: I DO. I accept and activate my power and strength.

Heart/Anahata: Chest, shoulders, heart, lungs, upper back, arms, wrists, hands, fingers. Affirmation: I LOVE. I open myself to the good within all beings. I open myself to the good within me.

Throat/Vishuddha: Neck, throat, jaw, mouth, teeth, tongue, ears. Affirmation: I SPEAK. I trust my voice. I hear and speak my truth.

Third Eye/Ajna: Forehead, space between your eyebrows, eyes, temples, brain. Affirmation: I SEE. I am awake and trust my intuition. I ask my third eye to open its eyelid so I may connect to a deep sense of inner peace and knowing.

Crown/Sahasrara: Top of your head, back of your head, six inches above your head. Affirmation: I UNDERSTAND. I am more than my physical body and my thoughts. I am open to a life beyond my wildest dreams.

Aura: All around you. Affirmation: I EMBODY. I contribute to a world of peace through every breath, word, and action.

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