Anandamayi Ma

Anandamayi Ma

There is no easier way to feel God than through another human being.
A genuine spiritual Master resonates the energy of the Infinite through their very glance. For some seekers, the picture of Anandamayi Ma will offer an inner thrill, a feeling that the bliss that spiritual awakening is real and attainable.

Sri Chinmoy

My teacher, Sri Chinmoy, wrote: “…Anandamayi Ma happens to be one of the absolutely sincere spiritual Masters who has really realized God…and who can speak on God with authority.” *

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Yogic Concentration

The power of a spiritual Masters consciousness is such that it can be transmitted through a glance and by applying your yogic concentration to the picture of a spiritual Master you can make an inner connection with that teacher. You can feel if that teacher can guide you to your spiritual awakening. That inner connection, once established, then serves as the pole-star, the inner guidance, as you navigate your inner dimensions.

The consciousness of a spiritual Master is not diminished when they leave the body. Anandamayi Ma passed away on August 27, 1982. Of God she wrote: “He is without beginning and without end. He is the whole and also the part.
The whole and part together make up real Perfection.”

*The Journey of Silver Dreams by Sri Chinmoy, 1974, p38

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