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Congratulations to the Fall 2010 Yoga Teacher Training Graduates! This past weekend, to complete their three months of intense study and yoga practice, nine wonderful individuals taught their own yoga classes to their teachers and peers.Fall 2010 Teacher Training Graduates!
With this in mind, I began to reflect upon the last 10 months since I started teaching yoga. Aside from the physical benefits, I think it is the mental and emotional shift that is most striking. Previously consumed by the topical ripples of human emotion, I felt dissatisfied with only fleeting moments of pleasure. I am today, profoundly happy and grateful for the transformations that the practice of yoga has provided and continues to provide for me.
Making the transition from yoga student to yoga teacher has been extremely rewarding and inspiring. To work daily toward facilitating healing, health, and growth for others is a challenging opportunity and a gift. It requires constant dedication to educate oneself and to work toward one’s own healing. In order to truly offer guidance to others, we can only speak from our own experiences of Truth and Light.

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