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“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.” When I first heard this quote a few years ago, I absolutely loved it. As a yogini it naturally made me smile, but it also made me think. Flexibility of the body is a wonderful benefit of a regular yoga practice, but flexibility of the mind is also a great benefit that is often overlooked.

Try taking a mindfulness approach when practicing mental flexibility. Simply notice the next time you find yourself frustrated, annoyed, or bothered. Are you upset that a substitute is in for your regular yoga teacher? Do you wish you had another six inches of space around your mat?

Beyond mindfulness, take your practice a step further challenging yourself to see the experience as an opportunity to develop mental flexibility. If you’re open to the substitute teacher, you might find that his style of teaching resonates with you. If you embrace the close confines of a popular evening class, you might find that the greater number of yogis in class gives you a boost of positive energy and a chance to make new friends.

It may be easier to perceive yoga as something we do for a specific period of time, in a specific place. However, if you take your yoga with you in the car, at the dog park, and in your own living room, you’ll find the possibilities to grow your mental flexibility abound. –Michelle Laxton

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