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Hello friends. I had an interesting experience at the mall the other day. Typically, I have always held the opinion that if you want to find an example of the holiday season at its worst, go to a mall parking lot any time in the two weeks leading up to Christmas. People can be aggressive, impatient, and quite un-cheerful indeed. I have, on occasion, left said parking lots in tears. This time, however, was different.

I don’t even like malls. Given the opportunity, I will typically avoid them at all costs. But I had a gift card burning a hole in my wallet and I wanted to visit my mom at work. (Two very important reasons to brave the crowds, if you ask me!) As I was searching for a parking space, I found myself trapped. A very large SUV had planted itself in front of me in the hopes that someone would pull out in the row ahead. And another car pulled up behind me with no intention of moving. Eventually, two ladies did come out, bags in hand, and got into a car to leave. There was one problem, though. The space was NEXT to the large SUV in front of me. Quite a conundrum. The driver of the SUV really, really wanted that space. But the only way she could let them out was to pull forward, thus allowing me to steal the spot (which I wasn’t going to do, of course). After a good three minutes of watching this woman try to edge her car over (parallel parking style) to make room for the other car to back out, I had had enough. Since I couldn’t back up to give her space to do the same, I put my car in park, got out, knocked on her window, and told her to just pull forward already. (I said this with a smile, of course). The space was hers. LITERALLY 5 seconds after I got back in my car, another spot opened up a little further down the row. The large SUV happily took it, the two ladies pulled out, and I ta-da. . . I had a parking space as well.

I had to laugh because to me this was INSTANT karma. It’s the universe saying “Yeah, that’s right. Go ahead and be a kind person. It all works out better for everyone in the end.” I’m not exactly sure where I stand on the idea of “past-life karma”, but I do hold a nice, oversimplified idea of everyday karma. If you walk around all day long in a bad mood, frowning at those around you, there’s a good chance a whole lot of people are going to frown back. If you walk around with a big smile on your face, there’s a good chance that a whole lot of people are going to smile back at you. Thus, you are creating your very own reality in which you CHOOSE to be positive or negative, and those in your environment will react in accordance to what you put out. Ta-da – karma.

So, what’s the lesson? I like to think that you get what you give. That we all do create our own realities. And sometimes, if you’re paying attention, the universe gives you a little nudge to remind you that we’re all in this together.

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