Climbing the Stairway of Emotion

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Written by Sujantra

“Emotion,” to quote Sri Chinmoy, “tells us that the ever-increasing life energy is constantly flowing through us.” We all know the power of emotion. It colors our view of the world and ourselves. When it comes down to my thoughts versus my feelings, I find, emotions prevail 99% of the time.

Gratitude, on the scale of emotions, ranks towards the top. Feelings can either bind us or liberate us. Emotions that bind include anger, frustration, hatred, and jealousy. Our emotional reactions limit our awareness and can lead to unhealthy decisions and actions.
Emotions that liberate us include gratitude, compassion, empathy and unconditional love. This liberation embodies the feelings of expansion and joy. Our consciousness expands; we get out of our limiting ego-sense and bring others into our hearts.

Emotions come from and are created by our ever-increasing life-energy. Experiencing an emotion is powerful and builds on itself. Feelings can spiral upward or out of control. Yoga gives us the tools and the opportunity to climb the stairway of emotion and reach the realm of passion that liberates us. If we do not make a conscious effort, then it is easy for our lives to hamster-wheel around and around in emotions that bind and limit our awareness.

Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity to focus on gratitude. Of course, you can be grateful for what you have, but you can also be thankful for the things you have wanted, but life has wisely chosen not to give you. Gratitude is like a magnet. Once you concentrate on it, you may find warm and expansive feelings beginning to swirl around in your mind and heart. This practice in itself something to be grateful for!

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