There is a beautiful sentiment from many cultural mystical traditions that states: “When 2 or more people come together with a prayerful mind then miracles happen.”

When we practice Yoga together this is also the case.  A prayerful mind really means a focused, intent, genuine, devoted mind.  With this kind of mind there is little that is not possible.  In my time practicing and teaching Yoga I have noticed that when I practice with others the energy is much higher.

There is a wonderful Sanskrit mantra that expresses this idea:

Sahana vavatu sahanou bhunaktu / Sahaveeryam karavavahai / Tejasvinavadhitamastu /Mavid visha vahai hi / Aum Shanti Shanti Shantihi

Translation:  Let us be together / let us eat together / let us produce the energy together / let there be no limit to our energies / let there be no ill feeling among us.  Aum Peace Peace Peace!

Together, when we practice we are like a symphony.  This is one of the reasons it is good to have a personal practice.  When we practice on our own we have the space and time to discover certain things which may be overlooked during a group practice.  Our sensitivity to our energy becomes heightened and we are able to fine tune our Yoga.

Then we bring our practice to the the Kula (energetic orchestra) and create amazing energetic music.  The teacher is like the conductor and the students like the musicians.  In this case it doesn’t matter how well one can stand on their head, or do the splits.  What matters is the prayer mind.  The mind of patience and devotion.  The mind of exploration and adventure.  The mind of Unity!

Peace and Love my Friends,

Joshua Graner


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