Core: The Foundation of Asana

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Written By: Lauren Mahlberg

We use the core to do pretty much everything in our bodies, from sitting up to standing tall, there’s a core muscle engaged.

So often we refer to training the core as achieving six-pack abs, but that’s only the surface! There are inner core muscles, known as the core stabilizers that are needed to build up enough strength for the visible muscles to even be used.

Going beyond the front of the torso, the side bodies and the back muscles are also part of the core. All yoga postures, or asanas, start from the core and grow outward. Having a strong core, or at least the awareness of the muscles, is essential to achieving proper alignment and receiving the benefits of all poses.

Join me for my Beginner Core Workshop in North Park on April 15th, 1:30pm-3:30pm as we deepen our awareness of the core, and how essential it is in basic yoga poses.

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