Corporate Mindfulness Training: The Key To Happier & More Productive Employees

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When employees are constantly trying to keep up with the assigned tasks of the hour, a company’s bottom line can be as negatively impacted as morale.

Corporate Mindfulness Programs are designed to help employers create a healthy work environment that contributes to positive work-life balance, increased problem-solving and emotional skills, low employee turnover, and better productivity. The practice highlights how mental and physical fitness of the employees can have major financial benefits and improvement to morale.


How do I know a Corporate Mindfulness Training Program is right for my company? 

Here are some symptoms that indicate it’s time to start looking into Corporate Mindfulness Programs as a sustainable method of improving your company’s bottom line and ensuring your workers love coming to work every day:

  • Constant disputes and disagreements between employees
  • Increased absenteeism at work
  • Reports on ill-health and low-activity
  • An Increase in complaints and accusations
  • Persistent decrease in professional outcomes without concrete background
  • Reported periods of mood swings and anxiety

This article explores the different features and uses of Corporate Mindfulness Programs and the change you can expect to see in your employees, work environment and bottom line when you sign up for a Corporate Mindfulness Program.


What features does a Corporate Mindfulness Training Program have? 

Corporate Mindfulness Training programs are usually customized according to the requirement of the client. The program can be conducted in both a group setting or on a solo basis in order to help certain employees manage specific psychological issues at work. Each training is offered in a different package and format. An average session can last anywhere from 60-90 minutes and can be focused on a number of topics including, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, stress-reduction and more. Mindfulness programs can be conducted virtually through video chats and webinars, or on location in a large space like a conference room or auditorium. (For example, PYO offers a mindfulness program both remotely and locally to the San Diego area.)

While there are no two programs exactly alike, here is you’re likely to receive from a Corporate Mindfulness Training Program:

  • Mindfulness training sessions tailored for the workplace environment
  • Stress-reduction sessions aimed at providing employees the tools necessary to stay mentally clear at work, no matter what situation is going on
  • Yoga and movement classes geared toward enhancing mental and physical energy


How do I know my program representative is qualified?

They will be an experienced yoga teacher or meditation expert who has previously worked in a corporate environment and is aware of the flaws and rewards of corporate life. It is important that each representative has a thorough background in teaching meditation to beginners, as most employees may have had limited exposure to this activity.


What changes will I see in my company from participating in a Corporate Mindfulness Training program? 

  • Reduce stress levels of the employees
  • Higher levels of job satisfaction
  • Help increase cognitive capacity and emotional intelligence
  • Lower anxiety and backlash behavior
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Improvement in interpersonal and communication skills
  • Better self-awareness and improved decision-making capacity
  • Better attention space and ability to concentrate
  • Hone creative and intuitive skills for developing innovative thought patterns at work


Pilgrimage Yoga Online is a virtual Corporate Mindfulness Training Program. The bulk of our program exists right here on this online platform, and includes access to hundreds of yoga and meditation videos, designed to do both at the office (check out our office yoga) and at home. Contact us today to learn more about starting your own program.


UTTAM GHOSH‘s fascination for yoga developed in childhood when he experienced the bhakti form of yoga with his grandfather. Through hard work, dedication and experience, he was initiated onto the Kundalini Yoga Path by Swami Vidyananda. Swami Vidyananda also honored him with a spiritual name as “Rishi Raj”. Uttam teaches a wide range of Transformational Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga in Rishikesh. He also conducts various workshops around the globe concerning meditation and yoga therapy.

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