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When you’re in the studio, there are all sorts of useful yoga props to use during your practice: blankets, blocks, straps, bolsters and eye pillows. If you’re practicing at home, perhaps with our online studio, you may want to create some of your own props.

Here are some DIY ideas on making props out of things you might already have.


If you have a wool army blanket or Mexican woven blanket, fold it up into a rectangle or square and use that to prop you up as you sit on the floor. You can also use a blanket under your shoulders in shoulder stand or as a rest in savasana. If you don’t have a wool or woven blanket, try doubling or tripling up on beach towels, bath mats or even sitting on a dictionary to raise your hips higher than your knees as you sit with your shins crossed.

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If you don’t own a yoga block, you can quickly repurpose a thick book or two books stacked or a couple reams of printer paper. If you’re using a book, secure it shut with some tape or rubber bands so that it won’t fly open on you when you move it.


If you have a cloth belt in your closet, that would make an ideal replacement for a yoga strap. You can also use another type of belt, a necktie or two tied together, some spare rope from the garage, or a long scarf (only use a scarf that you would not mind stretching out).


If you have a couple throw blankets or a thick towel, you can roll up the first tightly into a cylindrical shape, then roll that up into the second one. This should be a suitable replacement for a bolster. Make sure that it does not collapse underneath you, a bolster should support you and be resilient under your weight. If the one you make flattens out when you use it, find a more robust blanket or towel to use.

Eye Pillow

You can easily make an eye pillow at home by filling a clean sock with rice or beans (or both). Tie a knot at the end to seal it up or twist the end and fix a rubber band to close it up. If you have some essential oils at home, sprinkle a bit on the sock and enjoy aromatherapy while you eyes relax under the gentle weight of the pillow you made.

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  1. Bill Meyers on June 30, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    Thanks for this post! I made an eye pillow with a new sock and put lavender in with the rice. Smells great!

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