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How can we ever reach
The sublime
When we indefinitely
Waste time?

Experience the Sublime

To experience the sublime is to feel the hidden essence of life of which each one of us is a part. To touch the realm of subtle energy within ourselves is to enjoy the extraordinary fabric of energy that makes up our being and experience of life.
Our minds, bodies and emotions are normally bound up in the external, physical dimension of life. In order to explore the subtle fabric of reality, we need to set aside time each day for activities that attune and refine our sense-abilities: these include yoga, quality reading, exercise, wellness activities, meditation, unconditional service and anything else that calms our nerves and enlivens our minds and hearts. These activities take time!  Setting priorities and managing our time is essential. There is no time to waste if we aspire to know the subtler realm of life, for this inner study is a vaster field of knowledge than we might imagine.
*From Seventy-Seven Thousand Service Trees, # 20,159, volume 21

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