Design 101: How to Achieve the Perfect Feng Shui Interior Design.

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Feng shui is popular in the interior design. This art of creating a space that’s detailed and organized turns every home into the most comfortable space you could live in. Apart from that, it also creates energy that can’t be manufactured in any other way. Such a natural flow is always welcomed, especially if you want to live a healthy life and dedicate your time to taking your life to the next level. The main goal of placing everything where it should be is creating an atmosphere that will affect your mind, stress level and comfort – without you even noticing it!

Let the sunshine in

An abundance of natural light is essential for achieving good Feng shui energy in your home, so always try to keep your curtains open. Sunlight is good for getting our energy levels up and it’s so much better than light fixtures. People living in a bright space feel more relaxed, and their mood is more natural. That’s why you can notice the change in your mood as soon as you open up your space to natural light, and this will soon become a part of your daily routine.

Apart from that, it’s recommended to keep the windows open as well because of the fresh air. This is sometimes hard for people to get used to, but fresh air is important for lots of things, including great energy in our home. It keeps us fresh and energetic, minimizing our constant tiredness.

The placement of the bed

You’ve probably never thought about how your bed should be positioned and which direction it should face. There’s one rule you need to start following first: never place a bed below the window, because it needs a much safer structure. Instead of that, place your bed on the opposite side of your door, but never directly facing it.

You should also avoid having a mirror in your bedroom and, as much as we all like playing dress up in there, this will create negative energy, so it’s better to avoid having mirrors. It goes without saying that all the electronics also shouldn’t be anywhere close to your bed because they aren’t good for your rest and sleep cycle, which means you should keep them in your home office or a dedicated working area instead.

Feng shui décor

Having a bookcase in your home is more than recommended because not only can this addition serve as an effective space divider, but it will also encourage your learning process. If you don’t have that many books, you can always add different types of Feng shui decorations and fill up space. Different scented candles and sticks will be perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere too, but it will also blend in perfectly with the rest of the décor.

When it comes to textures, you can play with different natural materials and create an appealing and sophisticated interior. By using different floor rugs, you’ll create a space that’s rich with materials and a sense of comfort which is exactly what you need in a relaxing home. Don’t forget to use different colors as well – with the earthly tones leading the way, of course – because colors play a major role in a Feng shui design. Avoid bright colors or too many colors in one space because that will have the opposite effect from what you’re looking for.

Yoga and meditation

Practicing yoga is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, and if you have a space that’s already decorated and organized in accordance with the Feng shui principle, there’s no reason not to introduce it into your life. If you’re already a fan of yoga, you know the importance of having a space that’s dedicated to health and peace, which is exactly what this design will provide.

If you like to meditate, you’ll need a corner specifically designed for meditation, because changing the area where you meditate too frequently is far from good. Due to that, think about a space in your home where you’ll feel relaxed and won’t be bothered by your family members. Many people choose their bedroom because of the tranquility it provides and all the positive energy that’s already in this space. Consider an area that you can tailor to your yoga session or meditation process, and get everything you need in just one place.

Once you start using Feng shui principles in your home, you’ll notice a positive change they bring into your life. Sometimes it’s not just about the furniture we use in our living space, but about positioning everything and organizing our home so that it’s comfortable and practical. With all these changes, you’ll soon want to introduce more and more healthy things into your lifestyle, and this is something that’s going to benefit you and the quality of your life.

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