Fill ‘er up!

I wanted to write this post about gratitude; I mean, how could I NOT write about it? It’s just after Thanksgiving, and it would seem remiss not to at least mention it. But that is all I’m going to do. Mention it. Because, my friends, so many other people have written about gratitude. Or posted quotes on Facebook. Or discussed it in their yoga classes. Now, by no means am I saying that gratitude is being over emphasized. . . quite the contrary. You can never be too thankful. It’s just that everyone else has done such a darn good job, and I’m feeling unable to do this posting justice without in some way copying or simply re-stating quotes. So instead, I’m going to write about the next obvious post-Thanksgiving topic. Food.

I’m not talking “turkey and mashed potatoes” food. I’m talking soul food. Nourishment. Most of us are fortunate enough at this time of year to have all the physical nourishment we could possibly need. There’s typically never a lack of food around the holidays, what with dinners and parties and baked goods. But what about feeding your spirit? What is it that you need to be nourished from the inside out? So often, especially during this season, we run around in a constant state of activity. Our days are full, our lives seem complete. But we can run ourselves ragged and end up feeling empty. Drained of energy. Like something is missing.

We all have different ways of “refilling” our spiritual cup. Spending an afternoon reading a yoga philosophy book to remind you of the deeper aspects of the yogic lifestyle. Climbing a mountain and literally connecting with nature. Taking an hour to listen to your favorite music for the pure joy of it. What is it for you? There are as many types of nourishment as there are people on this planet.

So, friends, I invite you to explore what works for you. What do you need to take care of yourself right now? Deep down, you know. Listen to what your spirit is asking for. Take the time for you. To fill your heart. To feed your soul.

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