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Women often put their partners, friends, family, and children before themselves. While they can move mountains to accomplish things for their loved ones, there can be an emotional emptiness left where they once held their own Warrior Goddess power.Warrior-Goddess-Cover-Final-662x1024

Warrior Goddess Energy

In her book, HeatherAsh Amara coaches women to find and reclaim the Warrior Goddess energy that they have lost by undergoing physical, spiritual and emotional training to unchain the inner strength inherent in every woman.


  • Transcend the set traditions and agendas to find what inspires you within
  • Overcome fear and doubt with resilience and mindfulness
  • Reclaim your power and energy focusing within and letting go of the idea that that you need things outside of yourself to feel complete (partner, children, career etc.)
  • Show personal strength with compassion and love.


Buddhist and Toltec Wisdom

HeatherAsh’s approach draws on Buddhism and Toltec wisdom, as well as ancient earth-based goddess spirituality.  As a long-time student of don Miguel Ruiz and a world-traveler, HeatherAsh trained in many different philosophies, which allows her to weave intricate threads of each of these spiritual traditions into a beautiful, cohesive tapestry.


Begin Your Journey

Her teachings, interlaced with personal stories, rituals and exercises for Warrior-Goddesses-In-Training, encourage women to begin their own journey towards unleashing the power of their inner Warrior Goddess.

How are you finding your Goddess within?

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