From Summer to Fall

As all summers tend to, this past summer flew by quickly. Kids are already back to school and the days are growing noticeably shorter. While many lament the end of summer, I think there’s a beauty that comes with autumn that is not limited to watching the leaves change color.

We spend our summers working hard to take advantage of the long sunny days. Happily breaking routine, we take trips, send children to camps, and visit the beach. Exciting and sometimes exhausting, our summers are different from the rest of the year and we love them for the new, fresh energy they offer.

As summer represents change, I feel autumn represents a return to stability and a sense of grounding. The idea of having a daily routine seems to carry a negative connotation in our culture, but a routine can be a powerful tool to keep our minds and bodies healthy. With summer over, we return to a more regular work, yoga, and dietary schedule and our bodies often respond happily to such normalcy. If you’re looking to make changes in your life, autumn is a great time to create new habits and develop a new routine. Celebrate the equinox today and celebrate the beautiful comfort that autumn brings.  –Michelle Laxton

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