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The Mysterious

Each human being

Is, indeed,

Part of something mysterious. *         –Sri Chinmoy

Yoga gives us the practical tools to delve into the mystery of our existence. We know ourselves on the surface, yet that is only a sliver of our existence.

We carry with us all that Nature has done to bring forth our present existence. We surge forward with hope and potential, aspiring for all that we can envision.

By watching and controlling our breath; by stilling and strengthening our bodies; by calming our minds and energizing our emotions we discover ourselves entwined in the cosmic mystery of life.

Boredom only comes when adventure ceases. Keep your yogic adventure alive by an openness to learn each time you come to your mat. My mom was fond of saying, “Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.” Good advice!


*77,000 Service Trees, Volume 21, #20,293

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