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“Every day/ I take a dip/ in my soul’s ecstacy-sea.”*

–Sri Chinmoy

Yoga is an opportunity to step physically, mentally and emotionally out of our day-
to-day experiences and reconnect with our deeper sense of self. It is so easy to
become lost in seemingly, ever-repeating emotional cycles and mental patterns. We
become trapped inside our own inner habitual behavior.

Yoga gives us an opportunity to move our spine in all its directions, to reach up to
the sky and to lower ourselves, thoughtfully and gracefully to the earth. Each of
these movements liberates us and awakens us to new feelings and possibilities.

To slow our breath, to be mindful of our environment, to take a moment to smile at
another human being; these are the simple actions and movements that reconnect
us with our soul, our spirit, our deeper dimension.


*77, 000 Service Trees #22, 387

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