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Existentialism and Yoga

“Each human being is, indeed, part of something mysterious” –Sri Chinmoy

Existential philosophy and yoga teachings share some commonalities. In existentialism there is a concept called: “your historical moment.” Your physical body, your circumstances, your thoughts and your choices make up a completely unique moment in the vast history of humanity.

Existentialism says that not only is this our unique moment but we have to take complete responsibility (def: the ‘ability’ to respond) for our circumstances as they are the result of all the choices and decisions we have made. This means no more blaming of others, or human nature, or God for our situation. It is only in the complete acceptance of responsibility that we enable ourselves to project and visualize ourselves forward into what we wish to become. This ability is called ‘transcendence,’ to go beyond what we are now.

Our ideals shape and mold our vision for ourselves and hence our decisions. Each choice we make is empowered by our awareness of ultimate responsibility and our unique moment in time.

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