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“Inside work remains hidden the/Fragrance of flowers.”

-Sri Chinmoy*

By applying yoga philosophy to our concept of work we can radically transform out day-to-day lives. Karma yoga is the practice of becoming aware of each action and the results our actions create both in ourselves and in others.

We must all take action either mentally or physically: life is movement and activity. We must all work, whether with our minds and or bodies, in order to survive and exist here onearth. Our actions are inspired by our thoughts and emotions.

Yoga philosophy teaches that work done consciously and with an awareness of our intentions can be of equal benefit to our spiritual and personal growth as time spent in deep prayer and meditation.

Each action we take can be infused with gratitude for the gift of life and our unique role, opportunities and responsibilities.

This awareness, this inner fragrance is the deepest goal of yoga.


*From Sri Chinmoy’s poem: Not Word, But Work.

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