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Dare to Succeed

“If you dare to fail you are bound to succeed.” –Sri Chinmoy

Life offers us a myriad of opportunities—places to go, people to meet and capacities to develop. Oftentimes the only thing standing in the way of these wonderful experiences is ourselves, and very specifically our fear of failure.

Our society worships victory and loathes failure. The concept of failure that most of us are raised with is overly simplistic and immature. Every learning and growing experience is composed of many facets and each facets has results from which we must learn in order to reach our ultimate goals. We are far to quick to label outcomes as ‘success’ or ‘failure,’ and would serve ourselves better if we just labeled them ‘learning experiences.’

Because we are so habituated to be concerned with the opinions of others we fear being labeled as failures. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Use your yoga practice to reformat how you view your efforts. Every yoga class is full of opportunities to try something new. Try new things and just observe the results and learn all you can from each experience. Let go of overly simplistic judgements of yourself and your efforts. Embrace learning. Our wonderful teachers are there to encourage your journey of self-discovery.

As you learn to learn on the yoga mat you will be able to do this in all facets of your life.


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