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Dharma: That Which Upholds

It takes great care and concern to create something. It also takes tremendous energy to maintain and sustain our creations. It is easy to destroy. We embrace our highest potential when we seek to create and sustain.

Dharma Defined
The concept of dharma is central to Eastern philosophy. It is the clarion call for each individual to act in such a way as to help maintain those social structures of which she is a part. This includes family, social, business, governmental and other relationships that one has. Each individual plays our unique roll in ultimately helping to sustain the society that is an amalgamation of all those individual units.. It is through a sustained society that human culture and knowledge is upheld.

Dharma is thus at one level our duty to perform our role in the family and society. But dharma is not just our actions with regard to social structures. Dharma is also our words and our thoughts. This is where the plot thickens and leads us into the subtle realm of yoga. In this sense dharma can be thought of as the ethos, or ethics, by which we live our live. This more subtle level of dharma involves embracing basic ethical principles of non-harming and truthfulness as we approach and are confronted by the myriad of experiences life will offer us.

Life is not black and white; it is full of grey. The same applies to the moral and ethical situations that we find ourselves in. The white lie that prevents the suffering of another can be the highest path for a particular person to follow in a particular situation. We learn to improvise by first learning the melody by heart.

Finally the concept of dharma invites us to explore our unique offering to the world, our unique mission in life. Each of us radiates from a unique point in time and space. Discovering our uniqueness and how we can best radiate our soul-essence is the final step in the journey of dharma.


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