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by Sujantra

Mindfulness, a form of meditation that stems from Buddhist teachings and has numerous scientific studies to back up its effectiveness, is becoming ubiquitous.

I recently paid a visit to MNDFL in New York. The studio is located in the Washington Square area of Manhattan and offers over 30 mindfulness classes a week. The manager told me most classes are full with people traveling over an hour to get to classes.

Sujantra at MNDFL 2

Similar studios, focus solely on meditation and mindfulness are popping up in major cities around the country. From corporate boardrooms to the Golden State Warriors, meditation and mindfulness are helping individuals to manage stress, be more creative and improve their personal lives.

Sujantra at MNDFL

Here at Pilgrimage of the Heart we offer meditation, mindfulness, kirtan (musical meditation) and pranayama (breath control) classes that can help you explore your inner dimensions.

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