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Finding Happiness

“When the heart center is open you will feel boundless joy, boundless

love, and boundless purity.”

–Sri Chinmoy

Through yoga you learn to calm, relax and strengthen your mind and

body. The next step is to learn concentration and bring focus to your mind

and emotions. This builds willpower.

Once you’ve cultivated concentration then you must decide where

you’re going to put your concentration, what your goals in life will be.

Your power of concentration has a direct corellation to what occurs in

your life.

Spiritually, I suggest concentration on the spiritual heart. Think of your

spiritual heart as the next step in your evolution as a human being. We

are all evolving and learning to expand our awareness and empathy for

the rest of humanity. Our awareness is constantly fluctuating.

Sometimes all that concerns me is what I am going to have for lunch. At

another moment my thoughts are focused on how to share the joy of

yoga worldwide. Same person, same mind yet an entirely different

state of consciousness.

We have the realm of our mind where we learn to think clearly and

positively and we try to make our self-talk positive and productive.

Then we enter into the realm of the spiritual heart where we begin to

cultivate very deep and expansive emotions such as compassion, love

and empathy. Inside that empathy there is an awareness of the

oneness and interconnectedness of all of humanity. The challenge of

global warming is humanity’s opportunity to work towards common

goals for the good of all.

“Now you are crying for joy but a day will come when this heart center

is open and you will get spontaneous joy from everything. You will look

at a flower and get joy. You will look at a child and get joy. You will

look at the world and get joy. You will also get peace and the feeling of

oneness, universal oneness.” –Sri Chinmoy

We are constantly on the quest for happiness and ask ourselves “What

can I do to be happy or happier?” Most of the time we look outside of

ourselves for the happiness. We intuitively know that there is

happiness in life but we are searching for it in possession and control.

Once you start to meditate and do yoga you start to turn within in the

quest for happiness. You intuitively realize that happiness is a state of

awareness, the awareness of the oneness.

When you discover that peace and happiness are within you get joy

from everything and the experience of life amplifies it; it’s a joy to be



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