From the Founder: New Year, New You

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“The New Year has all newness: new promise, new success, new progress.” –Sri Chinmoy

Life is constant change. Yoga teaches us that we can direct the changes that occur through our conscious effort. Each time we practice yoga we have an opportunity to focus on our heartfelt intentions and visualize our lives moving in a direction aligned with our deepest values.

We are wise if we take advantage of every opportunity possible to make positive change in our lives. The New Year is a great time to focus on newness because so many people are putting in that same effort. Do whatever inspires you: make resolutions to start new habits, let go of that which is not serving you and embark in bold new directions.

We are of this earth. We cannot live without the air, the water and the food that comes from the earth. The earth also has its cycles and in the New Year the spirit of change is in the air. Be bold and reach for your true potential. This is the year!


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