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Peace in heaven,
Peace on earth,
Peace in every human life —Sri ChinmoyEvery few weeks the studio Kirtan band performs this song by Sri Chinmoy at the Thursday night musical meditation.

Peace can either be mere dictionary word to which we give lip service, or it can be a feelings, thoughts and actions which we hold dear in our hearts.

I like to think of peace as a radiating energy that begins with the individual. I imagine somewhere deep in the universe there is a huge reservoir of peace. As individuals we can invoke that energy into ourselves, into our hearts and then let it radiate outward to our family and friends and community.

The world is full of people who try to find peace in power, in possessions, anger and hatred. One day they will discover that peace does not come from outside, from things; but rather peace comes from deep within.

If we can find peace in our individual lives, then we can radiate that peace throughout the earth and beyond.

Happy Holidays!

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