From the Founder: The Role of the Teacher

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The basics of yoga and meditation are simple: We strengthen

our bodies by learning to hold and move between postures, we

learn to be aware of our breathing and connect with our

deeper sense of self: our spiritual heart. Though simple the

journey is a long one. This process is accelerated by connecting

with inspiring teachers.

When a teacher goes into a yoga posture or a state of

meditation they are entering a certain level of consciousness

and from that state they radiate inspiration. That inspiration

can be transferred to others in that moments and can also be

infused into writings, videos and other forms of teaching.

Each time I begin my meditation practice my mind is full of

thoughts. By reading the writings of an illumined teacher I find

that my thoughts coalesce around their words and soon I am

centered and focused and ready to enter into a deeper

meditation. It takes humility to learn.

The same applies to my asana, yoga, practice. At the beginning

of class my body is restless and unsettled. As I listen to and

follow the teacher’s instructions my body settles into a

peaceful flow.

Many years ago my teacher, Sri Chinmoy wrote:

“A spiritual teacher says here is the key. It will open the safe

where your inner treasure is hidden. It is not the teacher’s safe, it

is yours. All yours.”

Our pride makes us feel we know everything. To connect with

a teacher requires the humility of knowing that there are

things we do not know. Everything we learn with the help of a

teacher becomes part of us. And true teachers are eternal



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