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Yoga Works!

In our Living Yoga: Find Your Passion (Dharma) program we watched a TED talk where Simon Sinek explained his idea, based on his 15 years of research, that the key to success, both personal and professional, is the ability to know and express your fundamental beliefs. “Not what you do, or how you do it, but why you do it,” he says is the essence of success.

The class then asked me: “What is your core belief that has shaped the Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga?” Good question!

It is not so hard to identify WHAT I do: I help to manage a yoga studio. I know HOW I do it: soulfully, with a concern for the wellness of the business, the staff and members. But WHY do I do it?

After contemplating the WHY question an answer surfaced: I believe: yoga works! I know it works; I see it happen everyday.

After just a single yoga class I see students breathing with more poise and awareness; standing a bit taller and feeling and thinking with more clarity. As their practice grows these results deepen and widen into all aspects of their lives.

Yoga is a vehicle for change and empowerment in people’s lives. My core belief gives strength and direction to the countless actions and decision that our studio has to make each day. It should be noted that there are other core beliefs that could be the foundation for a yoga studio. There is not a “right” belief for a given business or aspect of one’s life. The key is to be clear on what you believe and how that translates into your decisions and actions.

Knowing your core beliefs is the key to energizing your life and achieving your goals.


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