November is already upon us and with Thanksgiving approaching, we’re reminded to be thankful for all the joys and abundance that we have in our lives. Living in San Diego, it’s easy to recognize the good fortune we have with gorgeous sunny warm days well into autumn. I feel grateful to be a part of a caring and supportive yoga community, each day being surrounded by staff, teachers, and students who I’m genuinely happy to see. Even with the negative images and talk that permeate certain elements of our culture, the positivity that surrounds us will always be more powerful.Fountain

This is especially true when life takes a turn in an unexpected direction. When I find myself feeling frustrated and stressed, I invoke the power of gratitude to keep me grounded. Each night I write a list of 3 things I’m thankful for. It’s a simple, common, and quick task, that for me, makes all the difference in terms of my mood and outlook. Recognizing all of my good fortune helps me to see that even with new challenges or disappointments, my life is filled with so much to be grateful for.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to tap into the power of gratitude; however, gratitude’s power can be mined at a moment’s notice and need not be reserved for November. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, let down, or frustrated, consider jotting down a few things, big or small, that you’re thankful for.

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