Having Fun in the Neighborhood: Adams Avenue Street Festival 2010

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Yoga Booth at Adams Ave Street FairLast weekend, Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga shared in the fun and excitement of the Adams Avenue Street Festival. We had a booth at the fair that was located right near the studio and even with the unseasonal warmth, we had a blast giving out free yoga passes and chatting about yoga.

Lots of festival-goers talked about how they live right near the studio and have walked by many times, but never been in. Others were thrilled to learn that a yoga studio was right in their neck of the woods. Some people were tentative and expressed misconceptions about yoga. Some think yoga’s just for women, for young people, or for the flexible. It feels great to let folks know that Pilgrimage has a variety of offerings that suit nearly all ages and body types, and that they need not worry about stepping into a rigorous class when that’s not what they’re seeking or ready for.

It also feels great to know how warm and welcoming our community is to new students. What a difference a sincere smile can make to a student laying down their mat for the first time. Each of us was a brand new yogi at one point and we can surely understand how the unspoken and spoken support of those around us contributed to our initial experiences.

Perhaps this week you might consider picking up an extra block for your yoga neighbor or putting back your neighbor’s strap. You might simply introduce yourself to a student you’ve seen at the studio a time or two before, or help a new student struggling to set-up their blanket. The positive exchanges we share and connections we make help each of us become stronger and happier, and isn’t that one of the greatest benefits of a yoga practice?

“When strangers start acting like neighbors… communities are reinvigorated.”

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