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Well, maybe not LITERALLY, but figuratively? I know I am. This is the one week “check in” to see how things are going with all of you meditators. (See last week’s post if you want to join us!) Thanks so much too each and every one of you; for coming up to me at the studio, for posting on Facebook, for leaving comments. Heck, I even got a three part text from friend letting me know how mindfulness is spilling over into her daily life. I love it! Keep it coming.

I wish I could say that I’ve been a “good little meditator” and actually sat for my five minutes every single day. I haven’t. It’s always the same thing with me, too. I get busy and “forget”. Wow. How is it that I forget to be take time to breathe? For five minutes. From here on out, I’m setting an alarm on my phone to remind me. Yes indeed, friends, I need a reminder to take time for me. Hopefully this will be a temporary crutch. Eventually I won’t need to schedule meditation time. But for now, I’m willing to employ any and all techniques to keep me on track.

So. . . if you’ve missed a day or two, or are finding resistance, what is it for you? You see, the first few days are always easy. When it’s all new and shiny, as with any type of practice or exercise, you’re typically oh-so-happy to sit down and meditate. But as the days go on, it becomes more challenging. “I don’t have time.” “I don’t need this.” “It’s just five minutes, is it really going to make a difference?” All normal thoughts. But you CAN do this. Even if you miss a day. Or two. Or five. Stay with it.

In yoga, so often my mind wanders. I’m human, right? But I always come back to my breath. Back to my intention. This is the same thing. When my mind begins to drift in a yoga class, I don’t realize it and say “Oh well, looks like I should just roll up my mat and head out. If I can’t keep focused on every breath, what’s the point?” This daily meditation practice is the same thing. If I find that I get distracted and miss a day, so what? It’s okay. Every day is a new day. Right now is all that matters. So, today, right now, I’m going to sit. And breathe.

So again, oceans of gratitude to all of you out there who are taking part in this. Keep it up. If you’re finding it easy to sit every day, awesome! If you’re like me and facing some resistance, great! It’s not necessarily supposed to be easy. You are not alone. Together, we ARE doing this.

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