Hips Don’t Lie

There’s a song by the pop singer Shakira that says, “hips don’t lie” – boy, did she get that right. I like to jog, (or should I say used to like to jog), but I haven’t done it in awhile. So, I thought it might be time to get into running shape. Since I had success with other videos, I thought I’d check out another one on Pilgrimage’s online studio called Hip Opening Flow – 20 minutes with Yesica. From sitting all day at my job and not exercising that much recently, I thought it would be good to get my hips more open, which in turn would help my running. I wasn’t disappointed.

Who needs open hips?

The short answer to that question is: everybody! If our hips are open, it creates more space in which we can use our legs and body to improve our range of motion. Whether you’re a dancer/performer like Shakira or a regular jogger like me, the more range of motion you have, the better you’re able to do more things. And, it feels good!

The video starts off peaceful and slow and doesn’t really increase in intensity, yet the hips are given a good opening from all angles – side-to-side and front-to-back. The teacher in the video, Yesica, had a calm yet knowledgeable approach as she clearly demonstrated all the various poses designed to open your hips.

She even showed a pose called “runner’s lunge” which I wasn’t familiar with, but it really worked well for expanding the hip flexors. Yesica also demonstrated a seated “head-to-knee” pose that worked the hamstring muscles. It felt tough, but good.


I watched this video twice. The first time I just wanted to check it out and see if I could do all the poses. I could and felt so much better afterwards. The second time I tried it I decided to take my legs for a trial jog after and observe if I felt any differences. Big difference! It really felt like my legs could move better and faster. More specifically, it felt like my legs were lubricated so they could move easier. I am sure the hip exercises helped as I feel more mobile and flexible.

The thought did cross my mind that I could be making it all up, just because I wanted it to be so. My response – first, so what? Like the beer commercial says, “it’s only weird if it doesn’t work”. My second thought was I’m listening to Shakira – hips don’t lie! I highly recommend this video and will use it anytime I need to open my hips.

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