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As a person first starts to practice yoga, everything is brand new to them. FIguring out all of the different styles of yoga, what works best and is the most enjoyable for that individual. As a person progress in their yoga practice, you begin to experiment with more challenging asanas (poses) such as arm balances and inversions. This is a wonderful progression with lots of amazing benefits both physical and mental, though one always needs to honor their body by finding their comfort edge and continuing to go within themselves.

Going Within: Listening to your body is one of the most important parts of a yoga practice. By going within, a person really beings to feel the benefits of a yoga practice. I love to start my yoga practice first by taking inventory of my body, I ask myself “How am I feeling right now?” Then your yoga practice may revolve around those certain aspect that you are now aware of. The practice will be either a relaxing restorative practice or a more challenging practice or somewhere in-between. When a person begins to find calmness and they are able to settle into a pose, that is the time to bring your awareness inward continuing the journey within.

Finding Your Comfort Edge: When you enter an asana, you build a foundation for yourself. After about two to three deep breaths, you being to feel a sensation in your legs, shoulders or arms. As you stay in the posture for a longer period of time the sensation or the energy begins to flow more intensely. This is where a person finds there comfort edge and you either deepen yourself, stay right there or ease out a little bit. Its always fun to tiptoe over the edge and explore this new world of sensations within an asana you have been practicing for the past week, month or years.

GIving yourself a challenge and always listening to your body is the best way to honor your amazing and very unique body throughout a yoga practice.

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