How Essential Oils Can Enhance Your Next Yoga Class

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Written By: Rachel Krechnyak

I rub my hands together and breathe into them deeply as if the soft, fleshy cave that they have formed is a slice of freshly baked pie; although this time the smell isn’t of warm cinnamon apples or tart aromatic cherries that usually waft out of a tantalizing baked dessert. The enveloping fragrance is of citrus, reminding me of garden-picked lemons sliced in two.

This scent emerges from lemongrass oil, one of my favorite terpene-rich essential oils to incorporate into my meditation and yoga practice. Terpenes are naturally occurring organic compounds found in a variety of plants, and are what give them their scent and flavor. Additionally, terpenes have been scientifically proven to have medicinal benefits. Myrcene, one of the terpenes found in lemongrass (along with Citral and Limonene), has been studied and used for pain relief, inflammation reduction, psychosis relief, and insomnia. There are many oils that have a variety of therapeutic benefits, and it’s a simple accent to work symbiotically with yoga and meditation.

So next time you’re in class, ask for a few drops of essential oil to be placed in your palms. Rub your hands together, and breathe in the aroma deeply before you begin. I love to use lemongrass, but there are plenty others that are great too! For me, the moment those zesty, citrus notes fill my nostrils, my mind clears, and my body relaxes, setting the stage for the most peaceful mind and body experience.
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