How to Design Your Yoga Room at Home.

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While heading to a yoga studio works for many of us, we have have other needs that make attending studio classes impossible. Maybe we’re introverted or have a busy schedule or need to be home with the kiddos and to take care of our chores. If you like the idea of being able to practice yoga whenever the mood strikes you, you may want to design your own yoga room at home. While you’re planning yours, try to consider the following aspects.


Find Your Practice Area



The only requirement for your space is that you’re able to comfortably move your limbs in all directions when you’re lying down, seated and standing. Your space doesn’t have to be huge, you just don’t want to end up with a sense of claustrophobia. If you like to practice yoga with friends, of course, you’ll need a bigger room.


Many aspects of our space are up to each individual person. For instance, you may love practicing over a carpeted floor, which can give you extra padding for weight bearing postures. Or you may find that carpeted floor is too soft, which may motivate you to find a harder surface, whether you’re changing locations or placing a plank of wood under your mat.


Finding a suitable space can require creativity, which is part of the fun! If there’s nowhere in your home that’s suitable for a makeshift yoga room, why not create or build your own? You could install a decorated used shipping container or a roomy shed in your backyard – as a bonus, your yoga room will then be away from any indoor distractions.


You might be surprised at where you can find space in your home, too – perhaps if you rearrange some of your furniture, you’ll be able to create a dedicated space to practice yoga, if not an entire room. It’s important to stick to the same location for your yoga sessions, as doing so will help to keep you focused and may increase your motivation. Keeping your yoga mat rolled out will also serve to invite you to practice when your mind is on other things.


Curate Your Space



The only real essential that you need in a yoga room is a mat; other than that, what you choose to decorate with depends on your own preferences.


You might like to bring in a computer, so you can watch videos or listen to mantras, music, or white noise, or you might prefer to stick to a set of speakers to which you can connect your phone. Perhaps you prefer to practice in silence, in which case you won’t need any sound equipment!


Whatever you choose to place in your yoga room, try not to overwhelm it with clutter; a minimalist space will help you much more in achieving mindfulness. If you are repainting, choose a light shade for your walls. It’s worth avoiding mirrors and other distracting objects, but if you’re religious, you might like to have a statuette to bring you peace, while if you have trouble remaining calm, you might want to bring in an object that soothes you, such as candles, incense or meaningful chotchkies.



Control the Mood


Relaxing is much easier when you can control your lighting. For this reason, it’s a good idea to install dimmer lights so you can adjust the lighting at an appropriate setting depending on the time of day and the weather. You can also rely on candles to set the mood; they’re particularly good for meditation. If you like the idea of natural light, you’ll have to choose a room with large windows; rest assured that if this isn’t an option for you, good quality lighting will do almost as well.


Practicing yoga at home is a great way to both avoid a commute and to ensure that you’re able to indulge regularly. Try to set yourself a routine, either in the mornings or after you get home from work, and enjoy the freedom and peace that having your own home yoga room can give you.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Johanna Cider is passionate about living and writing about a healthy, eco-responsible lifestyle. She turns to lavender-scented candles, relaxing music, and a few minutes of yoga to unwind after a long day. Discover more about Johanna on her Tumblr page: Musings of Johanna.

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