How to Plan Your Meals for Healthy Weight Loss.

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The best weight loss plans consist of a healthy balanced diet along with a well-designed exercise routine. You certainly don’t need to starve yourself to reach your goal weight. Sometimes the simplest changes in your eating habits can make a world of difference to your physique. The following exercise and weight loss tips will help you lose weight quickly and healthily.


Create A Healthy Eating Plan


When conducting your diet meal plan to lose weight, one of the first things to do is cut out processed or packaged foods, as most of these foods are high in salt, sugar and fat. Make sure to cut out any sugary drinks from your diet like sweetened tea and coffee, juices, soft drinks and alcohol.

A healthy weight loss diet should primarily consist of fresh, whole foods. Whole grain carbs, healthy fats, and mineral rich foods are all important components of a healthy diet plan. Ideally, each of your meals should include a protein source. A good protein diet helps to build lean muscle and curb your hunger. Protein can be found in a range of foods such as fish, nuts, eggs, lentils and lean ground beef. It’s also wise to fill up on fresh veggies twice a day. The fiber and antioxidants present in vegetables can reduce levels of inflammation in the body, which can lead to healthy fat loss.


Don’t Skip Breakfast


While it may be tempting to skip breakfast when you’re trying to lose weight, this is never the right diet strategy to take. Skipping meals, in general, slows down your metabolism and can leave you craving a binge later on. Eating a hearty breakfast every day will keep you full, energized and satisfied, helping to minimize any cravings. This is a great way to start the day off right and slim down healthily. A well-balanced breakfast has a mix of lean protein and healthy fats (e.g eggs, beans or yogurt), plus fiber (e.g. fruits or whole grains).


Go for Regular Walks or Jogs


A combination of a good diet plan and a regular exercise routine is always the best way to lose weight. To ensure you burn those extra calories, make the commitment to take regular walks or jogs every day, preferably in the evenings. Evening walking can be particularly beneficial for weight loss because metabolism can often slow down towards the end of the day.

Doing about 30 minutes of aerobic exercise or even some quiet yoga in the garden before dinner may help to increase your metabolic rate for at least a couple hours. If you need some motivation to walk every day, consider buying a Fitbit to keep count of your steps, and try to beat your previous score each time.


Discover New Healthy Foods


Food that’s great for you definitely doesn’t have to be boring!  At any time in the year, you should be able to find fresh vegetables and fruit that are delicious cooked or raw. The vibrant colors of vegetables such as carrots, spinach, peppers and tomatoes are a visual testament that they are bursting with nutrients – so encourage your family to fill your dinner plates with brightly-colored red, orange, green, and yellow vegetables and fruit.

Don’t forget about the goodness of foods with mono- and polyunsaturated fats – such as omega-3-rich salmon and avocado – as well as the fat and nutrients in healthy portions of nuts (which are technically fruits). When you are more mindful about what you eat and appreciate the wonderful benefits that nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables provide our body, you will feel more relaxed about your choices and enjoy your meals more!  Less stress equals an easier weight-loss journey for you.



Johanna Cider is a New Zealand-based writer who loves writing about all kinds of fitness and healthy living topics. She enjoys running and including yoga in her daily workouts. Visit Johanna’s Tumblr page to know more about her.

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