How To Reduce Pores & Have A Cleaner Face.

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Enlarged pores allow dirt, dust, and oil to get trapped inside and create problems.


What kind of issues appears when pores get clogged? It may cause a range of symptoms from pimples to acne to blackheads.


Why do pores get enlarged? Besides genetic factors like oily skin, there are lifestyle factors to consider such as sun exposure, age and heat. If you experience large pores in just one area of the face or even across the entire face, you may be interested in the following tips to reduce pores and enjoy a cleaner looking and feeling face.


Don’t allow oil to accumulate on your face


Pores can get larger and clogged due to oil accumulations. Our skin produces special oil that keeps it moisturized and protected, but if we allow oil build-ups on our skin, it may end up clogging the pores. So make sure to clean your face properly and remove excess oil. Clay masks are great for this particular job; just don’t use them on a daily basis as they may dry up your skin.


Clean your skin in depth the right way

It is very tempting to try and remove those pesky blackheads with your nails, but you should stay away from such habits as they can damage your skin.  You can really injure yourself and break the skin if you try to squeeze a blackhead out, so it’s best to utilize better methods. Instead, try blackhead removal masks that use charcoal to bind toxins and clear out pores.


Try Retinoid and Glycolic Acid Products


Retinoid refers to vitamins that are used in special skin care products. They usually come in the form of creams and lotions and they have the purpose of shrinking pores and keeping skin tight and toned. This type of product is recommended for people with oily skin, in the majority of cases, helping them shrink down pores and minimize the chances of acne outbursts to occur.


Additionally, you may want to try cleansers or products that contain glycolic acid. This particular acid is known for diminishing the surface of pores and preventing dirt and oil from getting trapped on the inside. At the same time, glycolic acid stimulates the production of collagen, which is required for the youthful and plump appearance of the skin.


Use adequate UV protection products on your face


Sun exposure is one of the main factors that lead to enlarged pores. Using high UV protection on your face is the best way to make sure that the sun’s rays will not affect your pores. Thus, opting for products with a high level of protection, like SPF 30, will keep your pores looking nice and tight even during a sunny day. Not to mention that this UV protection will prevent the premature aging of your skin, caused by frequent exposure to the sun.


With these simple strategies in place, your face should start feeling better in no time. The gist is: USe special ingredients to keep your face clean and then protect it throughout the day. In other words: Take care of your face the way you would a good friend.

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