Loving Space

Please enjoy this poem By Rumi,

Different degrees of Domination and Servitude

are what you know as love

But Love is different

It arrives complete like the Full Moon at the Window

Seek only That of which you have no clue

Step out of the circle of Time and into the Circle of Love.

This is  not the Nile River or some small creek

This is the Shoreless Sea

Here, swimming ends always in Drowning.

There are so many variations of our understanding of love.  The Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hahn says that space is the greatest love one can give.”  In yoga our practice is to create space in our body through stretching, breathing and deep relaxation.  If our practice causes us to feel contracted or tight it is time to re-evaluate our attitude toward our practice.  “Does my practice engender space to be filled with loving energy?”

As our practice is a representation of our lives, it is nice to ask ourselves “am I creating situations in my life to provide spacioiusness in my mind, relationships, activities, work and play?”  When we create the space, the energy will naturally come and we feel as if our movements and activities are effortless.  The key to this is mindful movements, mindful thoughts and mindful breaths.

Whenever I begin to feel as if I am getting ahead of myself the words of my good friend and yoga teacher Manel Rodriguez come to mind “Space it out man, space it out.”

peace and love,



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