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Have you ever tried to take a photo that captures you at the height of your asana?  We recently sat down with photographer Mario Covic to explore photography and yoga.  Mario has captured the exquisite beauty of yoga and nature as the official photographer for Bhakti Fest, Wanderlust, and Lightning in a Bottle.

PYO: What are you looking for inside the viewfinder when you’re composing a yoga image?

Mario: My aesthetic is one that I like to call ‘clean’. When I’m working with people I compose an image that’s clean and focuses on the individual where the background isn’t going to distract from what the individual is doing.

Often I shoot in Nature and I use Nature to compliment the human and what they’re doing. The whole point is to capture the brilliance of a moment where someone is expanding in their asana and the beauty of Nature is a reflection of the expansion at that peak moment. Nature is brilliant but you can clearly see what humans are doing. The beauty of Nature adds to the brilliance of what’s being captured — it does not distract from it.


PYO: Why do you mix nature and yoga?

Mario: When I’m shooting yoga photography outside, the whole point of it is to capture the brilliance of a moment where someone is expanding in their asana. The beauty of nature is a reflection of the expansion that’s happening in the peak moment of that asana. That’s what the whole point of asana is – centering ourselves, rooting ourselves, grounding ourselves so we can expand out. A beautiful tree is rooted and grounded equally and can expand out into its brilliance above ground.


PYO: Why do you love yoga?

Mario: Yoga is about a balance between body, spirit and our minds. When we go into nature we’re usually being active which brings us into our bodies. When we’re in the body we’re not so in the mind. Nature brings us into the present moment. That’s the goal of yoga and asana. Spending time in Nature that is Yoga. Doing Asana reminds us of our own brilliant nature which is easier to do outside in Nature.


Arriving late to a career in photography, Mario Covic earned a degree in biology and environmental sciences and grew to love the outdoors, adventure and yoga – all of which influence his startlingly beautiful imagery. His clients have included major athletic brands REI, Prana, and Lululemon.  Mario Covic is based in Oceanside, CA.  Connect with him on Facebook.

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