The Special Experience of Mentorship in Pilgrimage’s Yoga Teacher Training

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There was a time when yoga was taught in a much different way than it is offered in modern times. It’s not uncommon to see large group classes and festivals with dozens of students enjoying a class. This large group setting is also common for teacher training, but it wasn’t done this way. In fact, the group class is a pretty modern evolution of the practice. 
We find the origins of yoga over 5000 years ago, and for many thousands of years, the practice was passed on from teacher to student through oral tradition and physical practice. This transmission of knowledge from individual to individual, or from master to a small, select handful of students has given way to our current model of one teacher conveying the practice to a much larger group of students. 
This evolution of teaching is wonderful in many respects as it gives us the power to connect many people to the practice of yoga. There is, however, something special about working through the ideas and physical elements of yoga in a one-on-one setting. 
The value of this more intimate style of learning is why we include a mentorship component in our teacher training program at Pilgrimage of the Heart. When you train with us, you get the benefit of working with your lead teacher, but you are also paired with a mentor teacher who is there for you throughout the program. Your mentor is your resource to ensure you get just what you need as you go through the training. Whether you want to clarify ideas about yoga philosophy; get real-time feedback on your teaching skills; or work through the nuances of sequencing, your mentor is there just for you! 
Mentorship is frequently named as one of the favorite parts of our program, and often mentors and trainees develop lasting relationships. More than that, it is our way of honoring the tradition from which this ancient practice springs and it helps us be certain that our students have the best possible experience as they journey toward becoming teachers. 
Hear what two of our long-time mentors have to say about this essential part of Pilgrimage’s Teacher Training Program:

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