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Written by: Sujantra McKeever

After experiencing the benefits of yoga and meditation in my own life, my first impulse was to share my enthusiasm with others.

Trying to explain yoga philosophy through words and concepts is often challenging and fruitless. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. I recently came across a movie that is just that.

I’ve seen many movies which attempt to explain yoga. Some succeed, others leave the viewer more confused than when they began. I recently watched the documentary: Yoga: the Architecture of Peace on Netflix and found it to be an artistic, open-hearted and accessible exploration of yoga.

Renowned photojournalist Micheal O’ Neil experienced profound physical healing through yoga. His film pays tribute to the practice and teachers of yoga through this 10-years-in the-making-film. The film explores all the significant facets of yoga through beautiful still photography, interviews and video footage.

If you’re interested, this documentary is currently available on Netflix and Amazon. I highly recommend this film if you want to go on a visual journey into the essence of yoga. This is a great film to deepen your sense of inspiration for yoga and a wonderful way to share yoga with others.

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